Natural gas is one of the most plentiful fuels used today for combustion processes.  Natural gas is a clean, low cost fuel, and can be used with a variety of different equipment.  However, using natural gas has its disadvantages.  Natural gas service can be unreliable, intermittent, or may not even be offered in some areas.

SNG (Synthetic Natural Gas) is a mixture of LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) and air that simulates natural gas, providing an alternative energy solution.  SNG can act as a direct replacement for natural gas, or can be blended with natural gas to overcome the shortcomings and costs of natural gas.  SNG works in all fuel applications, and there are no pressure changes or burner replacements or adjustments needed.

SNG Applications:

  • As a backup for intermittent or unreliable natural gas service
  • As a substitute for natural gas in areas where natural gas is not available
  • Bridging – natural gas isn’t currently offered, but will come online in the future
  • For peak shaving – to control the cost of natural gas during peak demand times

Aether dbs has designed, manufactured, and commissioned the world’s largest SNG natural gas augmentation systems.

A complete SNG system includes an LPG storage system, LPG pump sets, vaporizers, an air source, and a blending system.  We customize the vaporizers and blenders in each of our SNG systems to fit our clients’ needs.  We can provide gas-fired, steam, electric, or recirculating water vaporizers to fit the existing heat supply.  We offer a venturi blending system for applications up to 30psi, and Active Flow Control blending systems for greater pressure and control needs.

Aether DBS’ SNG technologies are cost effective, quick to implement, and proven.  Let us be part of the team to solve your natural gas problems.

Recent SNG Work