Fuel Gas Conditioning

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Fuel Gas Conditioning

Aether DBS designs and manufactures complete fuel gas conditioning solutions for gas-fired power plants. Aether DBS utilizes state-of-the-industry CAD 3D modeling to design and manufacture knock-out drums, inlet filters, metering skids, flow and pressure control valves, dew point heaters, regulating stations, performance heaters and final filters.

  • Complete fuel train for your installation
  • In-House engineering, design, and manufacturing capability
  • One common point of responsibility
  • Consistent design criteria
  • ISO 9001 Certified production facility
  • Uniform Quality Control and Quality Assurance processes
  • Avoids conflicts between individual units
  • Consistent commissioning services and component parts

All Aether DSB fuel gas equipment is pre-mounted on skid modules, with on-board instruments and controls, fully shop-tested and ready to plug-and-play, reducing time and costs required for on-site construction, installation, and testing.

Filtration Units & Flow Monitoring Regulating Stations

Found at natural gas compressor stations, gathering stations, processing facilities and separating facilities, Aether DBS’ Flow Monitoring and Pressure Regulation Skids give you the capability to fully control pressure and meter the flow of natural gas.

Common Options Include:

  • Custody Transfer Meters
  • Working-Monitor Regulation Configuration for Redundancy
  • Inline Gas Coalescing Filters to Remove Gas Impurities or Liquids

Fuel Gas Conditioning Brochure

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