Aqueous Ammonia

Aqueous Ammonia Solutions

A project that Aether DBS undertook was the manufacturing of an aqueous ammonia vaporization and dilution air skid. The system was developed and delivered to a power facility. Our expert team fitted the aqueous ammonia system to the environmental conditions of -51 F by enclosing the skid in a temperature controlled building. The determination to satisfy the needs of our clients, drive us to create the best unique solutions to every situation. For example, we created the building for the skid and supplied with special equipment to lift it.

Features of the skid

The skid contained:

  • 100% shell and tube vaporizers
  • Supply of aqueous ammonia flow of 3200 lb/hr
  • Air blowers
  • Steam air heater
  • Electric air heater
  • Ammonia flow control and vaporization

Recent Aqueous Ammonia Work