SAGD Steam Skid


Aether DBS shipped a total to 30 Steam skids to the North Athabasca Oil Sands. Aether DBS continues fabrication of the Interconnecting Piping for the Steam Skids and OTSGs, and expects to be complete and delivered by mid-June. Our expansion to the Port of Catoosa gives us increased capacity to fabricate and deliver Steam Skids and other Modules for the Oil Sands market well into the future.

Click the link to view our Aether DBS OTSG Steam Skid Project Profile Information Sheet

As of January 2013, Aether DBS has now delivered 17 of the 30 skids to one of the major energy companies involved in the Alberta oils sands energy projects.  Aether DBS supplies labor, piping materials and fittings, structural steel, supports, slip resistant coating, electrical materials, connections, enclosures, and testing for the fabrication of three different types of skids.  One of each type of skid will be supplied and installed to support each of the 10 Once Through Steam Generators. Steam will be produced for the use in the Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) process at the project site.

SAGD is an oil recovery technology for extracting crude oil from bitumen.  Bitumen is a very heavy and viscous material, and the deposits are at varied depths.  Steam is injected into the formation to heat the material, turning it into a more liquid state and easier to extract from the deposit.

  • Steam Outlet Skids
  • Steam Blow Down Skids
  • Water Flow Balancing Skid

Additional information can be found on Alberta, Canada’s website, here.