SNG & Heating Solutions

The variety of projects we undertake requires us to have a multifaceted array of technologies and equipment. From metering skid and ammonia flow control unit that regulate the emissions of pollution; through the synthetic natural gas for alternative energy solutions; to electric water bath heaters and steam vaporizer to take care of all water needs.

With our equipment, Aether DBS is on the frontier of natural gas use in areas that require steam vaporizers, electric water bath heaters and metering skids. We know how widely natural gas is used for combustion processes, because it is clean and low cost fuel, however it is also unreliable and sometimes unavailable. However, in Aether DBS has created an ingenious solution to the disadvantages of natural gas – synthetic natural gas. The synthetic natural gas is a mixture that includes all advantages associated with natural gas. The synthetic natural gas can be mixed with natural gas to add strength to the natural gas and eliminate the disadvantages that pure natural gas has. Along with the advantageous applications of synthetic natural gas in the field, it is also a cheaper and more sufficient option at times when the cost for natural gas is at its peak. Moreover, Aether DBS employs solutions with environmental concern in mind. For example, the ammonia flow control unit  is put in place to control the ammonia injected into the fuel gas. Ammonia is injected into the fuel gas in order to reduce the pollution created from the burning of this fuel, and depending on the pollution levels, different amount of ammonia needs to be provided, therefore, the precise and timely mediation of the ammonia flow control unit is critical. The exact mix of vapor ammonia and air should be <5%, therefore the importance of an ammonia flow control unit, and the supporting metering skids to regulate this mixture, is essential for the completion of the process.

As the ammonia flow control unit and the synthetic natural gas provide adequate and environmental solutions, Aether DBS has adapted to other spheres and resources to extend our clean solutions. Case in point is our use of water and steam. For example, the external electric water bath heaters are employed to keep the water hot for the use of our steam vaporizer. Furthermore, the steam vaporizer utilizes dry, saturated steam to keep thermal energy. The electric water bath heaters regulate the temperature of the steam so that it can also be in the needed temperature. The electric water bath heaters can have multiple functions since they can maintain a range of temperatures that can be applied to a variety of situations and with a wide range of equipment. The electric water bath heater sets up the optimal conditions for the use of a steam vaporizer. The steam vaporizer, therefore, can be a heat exchanger via the use of steam as its energy source.

The processes and projects that we undertake require high expertise of the engineers and project managers. The equipment, such as metering skids, supports a variety of important operations and are essential for the projects operations. All the equipment we create, such as electric water bath heaters, steam vaporizers, ammonia flow control units and metering skids are designed to make the processes of using natural gas and synthetic natural gas easier, more efficient, and more environmentally conscious.