Safe and Clean Energy Solutions for Air Pollution Reduction

Aether DBS has a mission of advocating for the environment without restricting functions of other businesses and the industry. We focus on creating safe and clean energy solutions and reduce air pollution. Controlling the amount of Nitrogen Oxides emitted, is one of the ways Aether DBS is among the leading companies in reducing air pollution. Simply put, Aether creates solutions for the Nitrogen Oxide emissions released from the burning of natural gas, coal, refinery gases, petrochemical gases, and other industrial fuel sources.

Nitrogen oxides, namely nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide, are the main contributors to the formation of smog, acid rain, and tropospheric ozone. Using an Aether Anhydrous or Aqueous Ammonia System can help prevent the formation of these gases that are harmful to people and the environment.

An Ammonia System is made up of four main parts: ammonia storage and forwarding, ammonia vaporizer, ammonia flow control unit, and ammonia injection grid. Aether creates systems for both aqueous and anhydrous ammonia, but in both, all four components work together for the control of NOx emissions. Ammonia storage and forwarding includes storage of ammonia on site and a delivery mechanism to route ammonia to downstream equipment.

The ammonia vaporizer uses thermal energy (steam, electric, hot air) to vaporize liquid ammonia into a vapor phase, which in turn is fed to the ammonia flow control unit, metering and controlling the flow of ammonia, and providing an adequate pressure and flow to the ammonia injection grid. This ammonia is then injected into the duct(s) carrying the combustion by-products, where it converts Nitrogen Oxides into nitrogen and water, with (SCR) or without (SNCR) the use of a catalyst.

As with all our equipment and implementation, the ammonia system is developed to fit the specific requirements of any facility. Systems are fully designed and engineered for easy installation and minimum disruption. This also means that we can customize our system to meet any specific needs or qualities that your application requires.

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