Aether DBS strives to provide solutions applicable to wide multitude of situations. We undertake a variety of projects and we complete each one with a high degree of success.

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Cases and solutions

The focus on energy solutions has led us to improve and adapt the designs and manufacture processes for our equipment. Aether DBS has extensive experience and expertise to handle energy projects such as:

  • Landfill gas conditioning and compression system manufacture
  • Manufacturing and delivery of aqueous ammonia systems and anhydrous ammonia systems
  • Implementation of natural gas line heaters within existing infrastructure.

We handle specific industry demands, as well as broader ones, such as meeting the consumer demand for natural gas with implementation of an SNG Utili-Pak system.Aether DBS has been successfully involved in a diversity of projects:

  • Beverage distribution facility design
  • Utility relocation for steel mill
  • Manufacturing of a landfill gas conditioning and compression system
  • Peak shaving