Intelligent Control

Intelligent Control Systems

Aether DBS intelligent design of the UTILI-PAK™ system, is the appropriate solution for a range a situation and a variety of conditions. The system design is adapted for:

  • Remote camps
  • Isolated sites
  • Temporary installations
  • Industrial back-up systems

The creative design of the system allows for functional compartments that serve for air compression, power distribution, LPG/Air blending and controls. The composition of the unit allows for multiple functions when combined with different products. When conjoined with the Aqua-Gas vaporizer, the system provides gas to any equipment operated by propane. When coupled with the Active Flow Control blender, the UTILI-PAK™ supplies SNG to equipment that uses natural gas. The UTILI-PAK™ is very useful in situations of unreliable natural gas supply and to accomplish peak shaving. The system’s blender mixes LPG and air to provide a replacement for natural gas when needed.


  • Maintenance free
  • Adapted to harsh climate conditions
  • Easily transportable for smaller capacities
  • Easy and fast installation