Air-Assisted Systems

Aether DBS also supports systems that require a discharge pressure higher than the one obtained with a Venturi. The design is kept simple to install and easy to operate. The air assisted systems work with a vaporizer and a Ventrui blender with the assistance of a blower.


The Auqa-Aire series is a blower-assisted SNG Venturi blending system that handles small to large capacities. In a single skid configuration the model includes air blower and surge tank that are easy to integrate and operate.
The Aqua-Mod-Aire employs either a blower or a compressor in order to increase the output pressure. The capacity of this product ranges from 4 to 250 MMBTU/H, with pressures up to 30 PSIG. To protect the system against the elements, Aether DBS supplies fully sealed air header system.