Ammonia Flow Control

Aether DBS supplies and manufactures equipment for a wide range of operations. We provide alternative solutions to energy needs with care for the environment. We design and manufacture ammonia supply systems that significantly reduce air pollution.

The Product

The ammonia flow control and dilution air unit is a complete system for ammonia delivery, which includes ammonia vaporizer, air heaters and dilution module. The ability to control the ammonia flow, when mixing it with air, provides for a precise use of the recourses. Our experts will install the ammonia flow control skid such that it is fully operational and compatible with the already existing systems.


The skid consists of:

  • Two 100% ambient air blowers
  • Ammonia regulation
  • Ammonia metering
  • Ammonia flow control
  • Ammonia/air mixers

Ammonia Systems Brochure