Natural Gas Line Heaters

The Aether DBS provides safe heating to natural gas supplies to:

  • Prevent the formation of ice during pressure changes (Joule-Thompson effect)
  • Maintain process temperatures in upstream and downstream distribution systems
  • Protect against internal and external freezing in lines and equipment

The AQUA-GAS NG® design is based on a natural or forced draft natural gas burner supplying energy to a water-glycol mixture through multiple fire tubes to increase heat transfer efficiency. Efficiencies greater than 80% can be achieved on forced draft units.

During operation, the uses the existing supply of natural gas to heat the water glycol bath, no other fuel source is needed (ie., Electric, LPG). The bath acts as an intermediate so that the natural gas is not heated directly, and the heat is safely transferred from the process coil to the natural gas.

In horizontal heaters, the natural gas discharge temperature is regulated by two PID loop controllers. One PID controller is designated as the primary discharge gas temperature controller; the other is the secondary water bath temperature controller or “limiting controller”. The burner will modulate depending on both the discharge natural gas and water bath temperatures.

For vertical heaters, the burner cycles on/off to maintain the gas temperature. The pneumatic control system monitors both the waterbath and the outlet gas temperature. The pilot assembly in powered by a 12VDC system with an optional solar panel to recharge.

Aether DBS’ AquaGas Natural Gas Line Heaters uniquely support U.S. Energy Independence.
They’re made 100% in the USA in Tulsa, Oklahoma, providing American jobs.

Gas detection system provides lock-out of heater at adjustable LEL %
Auto ignition and purge cycles prevent fugitive gas
Class 1 Div 2 Group D Electrical Option
PLC controls system provides password-protection for operating parameters and set points

Lockable Maintenance Enclosure prevents unauthorized access to controls
Provides protection of burner, controls and instruments
Enclosure provides shelter for operations and maintenance personnel
Quiet operation

Forced draft models are >80% efficient
Lower Stack
Use less fuel gas
Available Low NOx and Ultra Low NOx burners reduce emissions
Wide turn-down with available bypass

Fully tested prior to shipping
Plug-n-Play – minimizes on-site installation time and cost
Smaller footprint
Vertical units can be set with forklift or skid steer
Single, modular fabrication allows one-step install

Aether Certifications:
ASME Code, UL, FM, NFPA, ISO 9001, CRN

Let Aether DBS provide your heater needs with the most efficient, secure, and advanced dew point line heaters ever made.

Natural Gas Line Heater Brochure