Flow Monitoring


Flow Monitoring Regulating Stations

Found at natural gas compressor stations, gathering stations, processing facilities and separating facilities, Aether DBS’ Flow Monitoring and Pressure Regulation Skids give you the capability to fully control pressure and meter the flow of natural gas.   Aether DBS designs and manufactures custom regulation skids per clients’ requirements for flow and pressure.  The skids are easy to install and can be configured to provide flow metering and remote logging, as well as remote pressure regulation and controls – in many cases integrated with an existing DCS or PLC.

For gas conditioning applications, Aether DBS can supply the line (dew point) heater and the regulation skid on a common platform to reduce onsite interconnection work.

Common Options Include:

  • Custody Transfer Meters
  • Working-Monitor Regulation Configuration for Redundancy
  • Inline Gas Coalescing Filters to Remove Gas Impurities or Liquid

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