AQUA-GAS™ (Gas Fired)


Aether DBS keeps up with the latest technology concerning vaporizers. Our gas fired vaporizers have optimal designs to take on any range of capacities. In this line of products is our Aqua-Gas LPG vaporizer, which in the past 30 years has proven to be safe, efficient and highly desired product. The gas fired LPG vaporizer operates for any industrial Standby Systems requiring an LPG vapor source.

We ensure the quality of operation of our gas fired vaporizers by testing, wiring and piping our products prior to shipment. As with all our equipment, the LPG vaporizer has adjustable temperature controller that ensures precision during operations. The success of the gas fired LPG vaporizer is evident, as it is in high demand in the industry of soil reclamation processes, hospitals and manufacturing companies.



A forced draft power LPG (or natural gas) burner supplies energy to the water/glycol mixture through a series of horizontally oriented fire tubes. Rated at -30°F. Optional Maintenance/Control Module.


Medium to large capacities (peak shaving facilities; larger manufacturing companies, etc)

  • LPG or NG forced draft power burner
  • Designed for utility and large industrial applications; Optional Maintenance/Control Module
  • Complete with operating and safety controls

WB750H – WB12500H (750-12,500 GPH)
AQUA-GAS° WB-H Brochure



An LPG fired atmospheric ring burner heats a glycol/water mixture through a series of vertically oriented fire tubes to an adjustable pre-set temperature. Rated at –30°F. Optional Maintenance/Control Module.


Small to medium/large capacities (typical on many standby systems and small industrial users)

  • LPG or NG atmospheric ring burner
  • Electronic flame safeguard
  • Complete with operating and safety controls

WB100V – WB1600V (100-1,600 GPH)
AQUA-GAS® WB-V Brochure