Venturi Blenders

Aether DBS offers intelligent and advanced Venturi blenders for dependable operation. Aether’s Venturi blenders have set the standard in synthetic natural gas performance for over 50 years. Made with compatibility in mind, our Venturi blenders work in conjunction with any brand of vaporizer.

The VAPOR-JET™ works to supplement or completely replace natural gas, allowing a change over from NG to SNG. Designed for outdoor installation, the VAPOR-JET™ has a variety of noise suppression options available. With no orfices to change, no pressure regulators to re-adjust and no sooting, VAPOR-JET™ offers a high-quality and top performing blender.

Our MOD-JET™ blender system also offers clients a dependable solution for synthetic natural gas blending. With a small to large capacity, the MOD-JET™ blender is ideal for clients who don’t require a surge tank or are looking for an air assisted option.