AFC™ RecoverBlend

AFC RecoverBlend Process Blender


The AFC™ RecoverBlend™ Blender (patent pending) blends your by-product gas with another conventional fuel gas (natural gas, propane, butane, other) to produce a consistent stream of usable fuel.  Whether you rplan to use utilize your process gas in a boiler, heater, pre-heater, furnace, dryer, or other combustion unit,  AFC™ RecoverBlend™ gives you maximum flexibility to recover the valuable fuel and realize cost savings.  At low biogas flow rates or methane concentrations, conventional solutions include biogas boilers, burner retrofits, and flaring.  All of these systems struggle to utilize process all the time.  STOP Flaring with the AFC™ RecoverBlend™ technology.  Typical solutions manually turn off the system and flare the gas, or “switch” between two fuel trains, requiring operator attention and loss of fuel.

The AFC™ RecoverBlend™ Blender :

  • Fully Automated
  • Works with Existing Equipment
  • Easy to Install
  • Small Footprint
  • Customizable


  • Feed forward control loop calculates the required air to achieve the desired mixing ratio and adjusts the airflow control valve accordingly.
  • Feedback control loop compares the actual set- point value (i.e. Wobbe, BTU/SCF, KCAL/Nm3, etc.) of the mixed gas with the desired set-point value and makes any necessary adjustments.
  • Intrinsically safe for explosion proof areas
  • Auto-Ratio-Control is Standard Feature
  • Mixed gas flow metering is Standard Feature
  • Touch Panel Controls with single Profibus cable connection from AFCTM to Control Panel

AFC™ RecoverBlend Brochure