AFC Blenders

At Aether DBS, our flow control technologies allow us to offer a wide range of Active Flow Control (AFC™) blenders. Using a control system that combines ‘feed forward’ and ‘feed back’ control, we provide clients with fast responses and unbeatable precision.

The AFC SNG blender is a fully packaged gas-air mixing system that replaces all existing mixing technology. Designed to accommodate small to very large capacities, this blender can handle a multitude of industrial and peak shaving activities. The AFC SNG blender is also suitable for any gas-to-gas mixing, not just LPG-Air.

If you’re looking for a system to blend a by-product gas with another gas, Aether’s AFC™ RecoverBlend™ can provide a consistent stream of usable fuel. The AFC™ RecoverBlend™ ensures you receive the maximum benefit out of your process gas, regardless of flow or energy value.