SURE-LITE™ F Series Flare Stack

The SURE-LITE™ F Series Flare Stack is a proven flare device, commonly used with utility and larger Industrial SNG Systems to allow for off-line calibration and testing of the SNG System. Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance can be executed without requiring the SNG to be introduced into the pipeline or industrial facility.

  • Flare is constructed of Schedule 40 carbon steel pipe.
  • SST Shroud height is 25ft overall x 8’ in diameter.
  • Flame arrestor installed below flare head
  • Pre-drilled base plate allows easy installation.
  • RETAIN-A-FLAME™ Flare Igniter head.
  • Natural Gas Pilot
  • Flare capacity: 25,000 SCFH
  • Permanently attached access ladder.
  • Local NEMA 4 Control Panel provides assurance that vaporizer/blender are operating before ignition
    • Remote start/stop control of the flare pilot and indication of flare Pilot Ignition status will be provided from a remote control panel.
  • All electrical components and their installation comply with (USA) NFPA Pamphlet 58 and 70.
  • Includes all standard trim components:
    • Gas Regulation System
    • Ignition System
    • Local Ignition Panel
  • Adjustable air supply mechanism to maximize flare performance.
  • All exposed Carbon Steel surfaces are mechanically cleaned, primed and painted.

SURE-LITE™ Flare Stacks Brochure