Natural Gas Line Heater – Minnesota

A natural gas company in Minnesota operates a 119 MMBtu (15,596 Hp) natural gas fired turbine, used to compress natural gas in a pipeline. A line heater was required to provide heating to the natural gas that would be used by their turbine at the gas compressor station.

The Vertical Natural Gas Heater was specifically designed for medium to large capacity ‘base-load’ applications and industrial applications, and was designed to operate at the flows and pressures as specified by the client.  The heater provided included “Hot Stand-by” capabilities.  The system is ready to go within 10 minutes of receiving a go signal, compared to at least 45 minutes for heaters without the Hot Stand-by option.

Aether DBS furnished a natural gas vertical heater defined as an indirect fired, water-bath heater.  The heater utilizes a heated water bath to supply the thermal energy required for heating required flow of natural gas.

The capacity of the water bath was designed for the clients’ needs.  The natural gas burner and combustion chamber were designed to provide the heat necessary to maintain adequate water-bath temperature while operating at an overall thermal efficiency in excess of 80%.  The heater temperature is monitored and controlled on the natural gas discharge side of the exchanger.

The system piping is in accordance with the code requirements of ASME B31.3 Process Piping.  Heat exchanger coils were built be per ASME Section VIII, Div 1.  Electrical design is Class 1 Div 2.  Design ambient temperature conditions are assumed to be -40oF to 110oF for outdoor equipment.  Our design is a “flange in – flange out” arrangement with J-Box reception of unit power.  All power distribution on the skid is by Aether DBS.


Model Number Max. Flow (MCFD) Inlet Temperature (deg F) Discharge Temperature (deg F) Max. Operating Pressure (psig) Coil Design Pressure (psig) Burner Input (mmbtuh)
WB1200V-NG 3.5 20 120 500 500 0.455

Items included with the natural gas process heat exchanger:Natural-Gas-Line-Heater-2

  1. 1) Inlet & outlet process connections: 3”, 300# ANSI RF Flange
  1. 2) Inlet and outlet pressure and temperature indication.
  1. 3) Outlet temperature RTD and controller.
  1. 4) Heat exchanger coil per ASME Section VIII, A106 carbon steel.
  1. 5) Coil thermal relief
  1. 6) Pneumatic controls system with PLC monitoring and integration to control system
  1. 7) Optional custom stack for high-wind area installations


Standard Features:

Pilot Failure, Low Water Level Cutoff, High Waterbath Temperature Cut Off


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