Municipal SNG Solution, Chile


Chile historically received 70% of Argentina’s natural gas exports.  Unfortunately, Argentina’s investment in exploration for natural gas did not keep pace with demand, which led to internal shortages.

This is turn led to the curtailment of most gas exports to Chile.

SNG was selected as a short-term tactical solution in Chile.  Aether DBS designed and supplied two large-scale facilities for the Santiago area.  The first system was installed in 2005 in Maipu with LPG delivered via pipelines.  The second system was installed in 2008 in Penalolen with LPG delivered via trucks.  Together, the Aether DBS systems in Santiago provide 3,900 million BTU/h of natural gas equivalent.

Maipu, Chile

Penalolen, Chile

Capacity 1,300 MMBTU/H 2,600 MMBTU/H
Injection Pressure 50 PSIG (3.4 Bar) 135 PSIG (9.2 Bar)
User Base 350,000+ Residential,  and 450+ Industrial
Vaporizers 3 X WB7000H 5 X WB7000H
Blenders 3 X AFC A5 5 X AFC A5
Storage LPG Pipeline 8 X 30K Gallon bermed tank
Application Peak Shaving Peak Shaving

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