Municipal SNG Solution, Argentina

project-SNG-ArgentinaWhile natural gas is relatively expensive, artificial price controls set by local governments can often cause unintended consequences.  To keep prices affordable for the domestic market, governments often set price caps on natural gas for domestic consumption.  As a result, investments in new gas field exploration taper off just as demand is rising.

In Argentina, which historically had been a large exporter of natural gas, the increasing consumer demand coupled with a decrease of gas field exploration led to a shortfall of natural gas.  To meet the demands of the users, an SNG Utili-Pak system was designed and commissioned by Aether DBS in 2008.  Implemented in Buenos Aires, the system has 1.9 million combined residential and industrial users.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Capacity 2,500 MMBTU/H
Injection Pressure 330 PSIG (22 Bar)
User Base 1.9 Million Combined Residential and Industrial Users
Vaporizers 9 X WB 3000H
Blenders 1 Utili-PAK with 1X AFC A8
Storage 1 X 30K Gallon tank with LPG pipeline
Application Peak Shaving

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