Landfill Gas Conditioning

LFG-ConditioningAether DBS designed and manufactured a landfill gas conditioning and compression system to handle 2,325 scfm of landfill gas for a Regional Landfill in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. The design of the system anticipated extremely high gas temperatures at the landfill (up to 160 oF). To deal with this, the system included a gas/glycol heat exchanger coupled with a refrigerant chiller installed upstream of the compression skid to chill the landfill gas to 70 oF (slightly below the calculated dew point). Due to the high temperatures, the reheater component typically installed on LFG compression skids was not installed on this application. The design of the system included a suction separator, followed by the gas compressor (Dresser-Roots rotary-lobe type), followed by a LFG/Air heat exchanger (aftercooler) located off skid exterior to the building, followed by a coalescing filter (condensate separator).

Aether DBS mounted all of the equipment, including the inlet separator, compressor, silencer, and coalescing filter on a single structural skid complete with access platforms, all wiring and SS piping. The inlet chiller and heat exchanger; as well as the fin-fan type biogas aftercooler were provided by Aether DBS for separate mounting.

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