Gas Utility Peak Shaving System, Missouri

project-SNG-MissouriIn addition to industrial installations, gas utilities often use SNG systems for peak shaving purposes.  Our client recognized their natural gas system’s projected peak day usage would surpass its contracted peak day consumption.

Laying new transmission lines to supply supplemental natural gas would have been very expensive and require additional time for permitting and environmental impact studies.  SNG systems, however, can be installed on private property usually in less than year.

In 2007, a utility company in Springfield, Missouri wanted to add a peak shaving system.  Aether DBS designed, manufactured, installed, and commission a system to deliver 1,700 MMBTU/H of SNG at 150 PSIG.

Springfield, Missouri

Capacity 1,700 MMBTU/H
Injection Pressure 150 PSIG (10 Bar)
User Base 75,000 Residential, 8,000 Industrial
Vaporizers 2 X WB13,750H
Blenders 1 X AFC A7
Storage 12 X 60K Gallon
Application Peak Shaving

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