Biogas Blending System, Bio-Solids Processing Facility, California

Aether DBS designed and manufactured a biogas blending system for the Rialto Bio-Solids Processing Facility in Rialto, California.  The Bio-Blend AFC gas blender was developed to utilize available sewage sludge biogas to offset natural gas usage in typical natural gas-burning equipment. This system is part of a plan to recycle biosolids from several Southern California municipalities.

This application required 23,300 scf per hour of biogas/natural gas to be delivered at 8 psig and a resulting calorific value of 860 Btu/scf (gross). Natural gas is supplied to the Bio-Blend primary flow stream at 10 psig; this stream is open to deliver natural gas with no restriction or control.  Biogas, produced by a digestion process, is supplied to the blender at 20 psig from a digester supply blower. Biogas is injected into the natural gas flow stream based on the desired mixture and natural gas demand.  The Bio-Blend instrumentation and controls continually monitor both gas streams for flow, pressure, and temperature and compensate the amount of each gas flower through the blender to maintain a consistent gas mixture.

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