Ammonia Pump Skid & Vaporization Skid Fabrication – Texas Refinery

Aether DBS fabricates eight (8) Ammonia Vaporizers for Texas Refinery

Aether DBS recently completed eight (8) fully-assembled and tested modular ammonia vaporizers for a confidential Texas Refinery installation.  System included dual forced draft blowers, redundant heaters, vaporization vessels and full instrumentation and control system.  Aether DBS provided all structural fabrication, all carbon and stainless steel ASME piping installation, all air duct work, and all mechanical and electrical / instrumentation testing prior to shipment.  All eight units were loaded into a dedicated barge at the Port of Catoosa for delivery directly to the site.  Prior to shipping, Aether was responsible to perform NDE on all fabricated components.


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