Aether DBS is proud to announce our new Team Members!

Scott Pickens, Engineering Manager – Scott brings with him more than 25 years of engineering, manufacturing, and management experience and a wealth of knowledge in electrical and controls systems and modular equipment packages.

Juan Baron, Director of South America Sales

Juan has over 15 years of experience in South America, including the last 5 years as Business Development and Sales Director, and will lead our growing South American sales efforts.

All of us at Aether DBS welcome our newest Team Members and look forward to working together as we implement our Strategic Growth Plans.

Introducing Phyllis Kraus – Our New Sales Administrator

Tulsa, OK.

phyllis-krausAs SALES ADMINISTRATOR for Aether dbs in our Tulsa office, Phyllis will be responsible for sales support with several key functions including follow up of open proposals, assist in preparation of vendor qualification packages, prospecting for decision makers in new markets and tradeshow event coordination.

Prior to joining Aether dbs, Phyllis served as Marketing Coordinator and sales support for Express Integrated Technologies for six years and has over 23 years of experience working in engineering/fabrication environments as Office Administrator, Project Scheduler and Document Control Manager. (918) 250-6601, ext. 211 or (918) 317-2375 direct

Aether DBS Awarded Step Grant From Oklahoma Department Of Commerce

Aether DBS was awarded a State Trade and Export Promotion (STEP) Grant from the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

Tulsa, OK (May 8, 2013) Aether DBS, a global manufacturer of modular equipment for the Power and Oil & Gas markets, was awarded a State Trade and Export Promotion (STEP) Grant from the Oklahoma Department of Commerce. The STEP Grant program, administered by the SBA, is designed to help small businesses raise the value of exports they are currently exporting.

Aether DBS produces modular steam generation equipment for export to Canada, and used in Once Through Steam Generators (OTSGs) for the Canadian Oil Sands SAGD process. The STEP Grant will be used to fund increased marketing efforts for Canadian export by exhibiting at US Commercial Services’ Pavilion at the Gas & Oil Expo 2013 in Calgary, Alberta.

“We are excited to receive the OK STEP grant and welcome the ODOC assistance to grow our exports in the Canadian Oil Sands market” said Tom Blair, CEO.

Aether DBS also manufactures modular equipment solutions for Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) Insert SNG link here systems; ammonia vaporization, blending and injection systems; natural gas fuel conditioning and stabilization systems; and custom engineered equipment solutions. Aether DBS exports equipment worldwide. Aether DBS operates out of the Port of Catoosa, OK in a new state-of-the-art facility.

Aether DBS Makes Progress At The Port Of Catoosa

Aether DBS will be relocating our main Production Facilities to the brand new 42,000 SF Port of Catoosa facility in March.

catoosaThe walls are up, the concrete is poured, we’re laying conduit, finishing plumbing, and installing equipment. Our new facility expansion is well underway, and Aether DBS will be relocating our main Production Facilities to the brand new 42,000 SF Port of Catoosa facility in March. Our ASME code audits were complete in February, and we will be fully functional at the Port in late March, 2013. With 42,000 SF of production space, 8 acres of lay-down yard, (4) 15-ton cranes and 26-foot hook height, we will expand our existing SNG, Ammonia, Natural Gas, and Custom Fabrication production capacity by more than 400%.

“Operating out of the Port of Catoosa, we will realize a more efficient operation, and have the additional capacity under roof to manufacture large process modules that are critical to our global customers’ needs in the expanding oil and gas markets.” said John McDonough, COO.

The Tulsa Port of Catoosa is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, near the geographic center of the United States, and is nearby a full complement of Class I railroads, major U.S. highways and air freight systems – all in one centrally-located area, and is equidistant from both U.S. coasts. The Port is just one day’s drive from Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Memphis, New Orleans, Omaha and St. Louis. Water transport from the Port via the Arkansas River/Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico makes international shipping of oversized equipment easy and cost effective.

Aether DBS is an ASME U, UM, R, and S code shop, with a UL panel shop and Canadian CRN and CWB Certifications. Aether DBS designs and fabricates entire process skids, from structure to controls, in the O&G, Power, and Energy markets.

For more information on Aether DBS, or to find out more about our capabilities, please contact us at
(877) 637-9470, email, or visit

Aether DBS Delivers Natural Gas Processing Skids For South America

In May 2012, Aether DBS shipped three custom-engineered skids for Natural Gas Processing in Brazil.

The equipment skids are components of glycol dehydration systems. The filter vessels separate glycol from the Natural Gas stream after the water vapor has been absorbed by the glycol.  This equipment operates at 700 psig.  Aether DBS designed and manufactured three skids with 24”, 32” and 36” vessels.  Fabrication included the structures, all the connecting piping and actuated valves, level controls and other instruments.  Call Shih-Shin Chou at (918) 317-2385 for more information.

Aether DBS Presents Biogas Paper At International Conference

Stuart H. Russell, P.E., V.P. of perations, presented “Enhancing Biogas Project Economics Utilizing Blending and Storage Technologies” at the International Biomass Conference April 18, 2012 in Denver, CO.

Biogas project economics depend upon maximizing the use of the biogas resource to generate project revenue (or savings) to offset development, construction and operating costs.  Many biogas facilities utilizing digesters have variable biogas outputs that depend upon the characteristics of the digested organic materials and operating conditions of the digester (internal biochemistry, temperature, pH, etc.).  Biogas flow and calorific value (CV) can vary significantly over time.

Utilizing all of the available biogas under such variable biogas conditions can be a challenge.  Biogas combustion equipment (engines, boilers, etc.) is typically sized for average flow and CV conditions.  When the biogas conditions are either higher than the combustion equipment can consume, or lower than the turn-down capacity of the combustion equipment, the biogas must be flared – therefore generating no economic benefit.

This presentation described approaches to maximizing the combustion of biogas under variable conditions utilizing gas blending and storage technologies.  Blending technologies blend the biogas with a conventional fuel such as Natural Gas or LPG to enhance CV, or correct for low-flow conditions.  Biogas storage technologies allow the biogas to be stored during peak generation periods, then drawn down for combustion during low-flow periods.  The conditions under which these technologies may enhance project economics were presented.

The conference was attended by several hundred professionals in the biogas, biomass energy and alternative fuels industry.

Aether DBS Delivers Biogas Blender To The City Of El Paso, TX

The City of El Paso had a dilemma: operators of the Fred Hervey Water Reclamation Plant wanted to make use of the biogas from its upgraded digesters – but the biogas flow was variable, making it difficult to run its new engine-generator at all times.  About 144,000 cubic feet per day of digester gas was expected to be generated on average – enough to make 350 KW to offset a significant portion of its operating power needs.  But the biogas flow could vary widely depending upon the amount of sludge in the system and other factors, requiring the engine-generator to be shut down at times.

The Solution: the Aether DBS AFCTM BioBlendTM system that supplements the biogas flow with just enough Natural Gas mixed with air to keep the engine-generator running at maximum output.  The AFCTM BioBlendTM technology uses pressure, temperature and flow measurement instruments, a precise flow control valve, and a proprietary PLC algorithm to control the blending ratio within a very tight tolerance.  Other blending systems use mechanical pistons or mixing valves, which require more maintenance and have less control.

The AFCTM BioBlendTM technology is also more cost-effective than other systems because it uses readily-available plant compressed air for blending instead of an expensive combustible gas compression system.  The biogas blending system is designed to preferentially use the biogas for engine fuel supply, and to supplement with the NG/Air mixture only when engine demand exceeds the biogas supply.  This was an excellent solution for El Paso, especially since the cost of natural gas has been trending down.  They were able to use all the biogas and keep their engines running at peak efficiency.

Aether DBS custom-designed and manufactured the AFCTM BioBlendTM system, and delivered the unit to El Paso only nine weeks from the order date.  Contact Stu Russell at

Aether DBS Earns Position 2364 On The Inc. 5000 List

Aether DBS has earned position 2364 on the Inc. 5000 list, making the list for a second time in five years!

This ranking reflects our growth of >102% from 2008-2010, and our resiliency and determination over the last few years to keep meeting our customers needs.

For more than 30 years, Inc. 5000’s has tracked the fastest-growing private companies in America.  Inc. 5000 list alumni include Intuit, Zappos, Under Armour, Microsoft, Jamba Juice, Patagonia, and many more.


Aether DBS Ranks No. 49 On The 2011 Zweigwhite Hotfirm List

Every year, ZweigWhite recognizes the fastest-growing architecture, engineering, planning, and environmental consulting firms in the country with The Zweig Letter Hot Firm List.

We are proud to announce that for the third time in 5 years, Aether DBS is among the top 200 firms!  Our ranking for the year 2011 is No. 49, reflecting our growth of >102% from 2008-2010.  As we continue to provide quality engineering to our clients and expand our product lines to create new solutions for our customers, we look forward to continuing to see Aether DBS on the ZweigWhite list!