Aether dbs Merges with Sagebrush Pipeline Equipment

Aether dbs (design build solutions, Tulsa, OK) has merged with Sagebrush Pipeline Equipment (Tulsa, OK). Both Sagebrush and Aether will continue to operate as independent business units. “Both Sagebrush and Aether have excellent reputations and brand recognition in their respective markets, and these brands will continue. This will allow us to also share the resources of each company.” said Karen Walker, Chief Operating Officer, Sagebrush Pipeline Equipment.

Sagebrush President Randy Roberts will stay with the company in an advisory capacity through a period of transition. “These two companies both prioritize Safety, Quality, and Customers. We are excited about our enhanced shop capacity and drafting, design and project management resources. This will be a win/win for Sagebrush, Aether, and for our Customers.”

Aether and Sagebrush will offer a broad range of standard and customer engineered products, in a broader market to a more diverse Customer base, with increased capabilities in engineering and production. Together, the two business units will provide complete systems for gas and liquid measurement, heating, conditioning, and other critical equipment in the Midstream, Pipeline, Industrial, Utility, and Power Generation markets.

“It is a natural fit. Both companies are Tulsa-based, with great people, great customers, and similar cultures and work ethic,” Tom Blair, CEO, Aether dbs “Both companies are ISO Certified, both shops are ASME Code shops, and each company complements the other.”

“By sharing critical resources, experience, and knowledge, we are expanding the design and production capabilities of each brand while continuing to serve our valued Customers” continued John McDonough, President, Aether dbs.

Aether manufactures engineered process systems for energy, power, and utility customers. Aether’s proprietary product lines include natural gas line heaters, fuel gas vaporizers, and ammonia flow control systems.

Sagebrush is the leading name in the pipeline industry since 1961. Sagebrush designs and fabricates gas and liquid measurement systems, automated pigging systems, valve settings, control valve systems, and pressure control systems for transmission pipeline and midstream companies.

Aether and Sagebrush have over 150,000 SF of shop capacity, with over 150 employees, and full design, production and testing capabilities delivering reliable equipment worldwide from 3 locations in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Safe and Clean Energy Solutions for Air Pollution Reduction

Aether DBS has a mission of advocating for the environment without restricting functions of other businesses and the industry. We focus on creating safe and clean energy solutions and reduce air pollution. Controlling the amount of Nitrogen Oxides emitted, is one of the ways Aether DBS is among the leading companies in reducing air pollution. Simply put, Aether creates solutions for the Nitrogen Oxide emissions released from the burning of natural gas, coal, refinery gases, petrochemical gases, and other industrial fuel sources.

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Maintaining Process Temperatures with a Natural Gas Line Heater

When sending natural gas through pipelines, the two most important and constantly changing values are temperature and pressure. Temperature loss can occur due to loss of heat from a pipeline or because of rapid decrease in pressure. This loss in temperature due to a rapid decrease in pressure is called the Joule Thomson Effect. Loss of temperature can result in:

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Introducing Phyllis Kraus – Our New Sales Administrator

Tulsa, OK.

phyllis-krausAs SALES ADMINISTRATOR for Aether dbs in our Tulsa office, Phyllis will be responsible for sales support with several key functions including follow up of open proposals, assist in preparation of vendor qualification packages, prospecting for decision makers in new markets and tradeshow event coordination.

Prior to joining Aether dbs, Phyllis served as Marketing Coordinator and sales support for Express Integrated Technologies for six years and has over 23 years of experience working in engineering/fabrication environments as Office Administrator, Project Scheduler and Document Control Manager. (918) 250-6601, ext. 211 or (918) 317-2375 direct

Aether DBS Delivers Natural Gas Processing Skids For South America

In May 2012, Aether DBS shipped three custom-engineered skids for Natural Gas Processing in Brazil.

The equipment skids are components of glycol dehydration systems. The filter vessels separate glycol from the Natural Gas stream after the water vapor has been absorbed by the glycol.  This equipment operates at 700 psig.  Aether DBS designed and manufactured three skids with 24”, 32” and 36” vessels.  Fabrication included the structures, all the connecting piping and actuated valves, level controls and other instruments.  Call Shih-Shin Chou at (918) 317-2385 for more information.

Aether DBS Delivers Biogas Blender To The City Of El Paso, TX

The City of El Paso had a dilemma: operators of the Fred Hervey Water Reclamation Plant wanted to make use of the biogas from its upgraded digesters – but the biogas flow was variable, making it difficult to run its new engine-generator at all times.  About 144,000 cubic feet per day of digester gas was expected to be generated on average – enough to make 350 KW to offset a significant portion of its operating power needs.  But the biogas flow could vary widely depending upon the amount of sludge in the system and other factors, requiring the engine-generator to be shut down at times.

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Aether DBS Earns Position 2364 On The Inc. 5000 List

Aether DBS has earned position 2364 on the Inc. 5000 list, making the list for a second time in five years!

This ranking reflects our growth of >102% from 2008-2010, and our resiliency and determination over the last few years to keep meeting our customers needs.

For more than 30 years, Inc. 5000’s has tracked the fastest-growing private companies in America.  Inc. 5000 list alumni include Intuit, Zappos, Under Armour, Microsoft, Jamba Juice, Patagonia, and many more.


Aether DBS Ranks No. 49 On The 2011 Zweigwhite Hotfirm List

Every year, ZweigWhite recognizes the fastest-growing architecture, engineering, planning, and environmental consulting firms in the country with The Zweig Letter Hot Firm List.

We are proud to announce that for the third time in 5 years, Aether DBS is among the top 200 firms!  Our ranking for the year 2011 is No. 49, reflecting our growth of >102% from 2008-2010.  As we continue to provide quality engineering to our clients and expand our product lines to create new solutions for our customers, we look forward to continuing to see Aether DBS on the ZweigWhite list!

Aether DBS Delivers Results For Alliant Energy

In response to the December 2008 TVA Kingston, TN ash release, the EPA has been taking steps to assess economizer ash facilities around the country.  In March 2009, the EPA began investigating facilities that store coal combustion residuals (CCR) onsite to evaluate which sites may pose a risk to the environment.  As a proactive measure, Alliant Energy initiated a preliminary study for their Burlington, Iowa generating station, contacting Aether DBS based on our expertise and previous work on the TVA project.

Early in 2011, the EPA contacted Alliant Energy about concerns at the Burlington facility. Alliant Energy tasked Aether DBS to further investigate the CCR facility, evaluate existing conditions, and submit a report on the condition of wet CCR storage. Aether DBS’ June report modeled  the stability of the CCR settling ponds under 100-year storm flow conditions and for both seismic and rapid drawdown induced loadings.  Aether DBS advanced soil borings in several locations critical for stability, and evaluated subsurface soil conditions.    A static analysis was performed, and earthquake liquefaction and stability was also assessed.  The finding of these studies was that the ash ponds at the Burlington facility safely met the required standards.

The EPA agreed with Aether DBS’s findings, and as such, determined than an AOC was not necessary for further investigations at the site.

In a July 5 letter to Alliant Energy, the EPA stated, “The EPA very much appreciates Alliant’s cooperation and prompt attention to this matter, as well as the quality of the work performed.  Alliant’s and Aether’s openness, attention to collecting reliable data and presenting it in a professional, well-organized manner made these discussions go very smoothly.”

Based on the recommendations within the report, Alliant is moving forward with additional activities at the site which have been accepted by EPA.