Ammonia & Custom Fabrication

Aether DBS was created to provide a cutting edge technology and technological solutions to advocate for the environment without restricting the functions of companies. With technology implementation, such as ammonia vaporizer, ammonia flow control and ammonia dilution, Aether DBS is among the leading companies in reducing air pollution. We have a team of highly capable and intellectual people, who know the importance of safe burner management system and the advantages of custom fabrication.

On the most basic level, we employ solutions to the Nitrogen oxides emissions released from the burning of coal, natural gas and other sources. In order to do this, we design and implement ammonia system that consists of ammonia vaporizer, ammonia flow control and ammonia dilution. The ammonia vaporizer we utilize serves in a multitude of functions connected to ammonia concentration and creates the optimal solution for any situation. Furthermore, our ammonia vaporizer has a multiple set of safety devices, such as liquid carry-over switch, relief valve and high temperature switch. In addition to the ammonia vaporizer, the ammonia flow control units are handy when dealing with Nitrogen oxides emissions. The ammonia flow control is important because it regulates the flow of ammonia into the air stream, thus providing an adequate solution to different levels of Nitrogen oxides. Our custom fabrication services make possible the detection of different Nitrogen oxides levels in the stream, and react timely to control the ammonia flow, to result in the formation Nitrogen and water vapor. And to complete the ammonia supply systems, Aether DBS includes the ammonia dilution air skid that mixes ammonia with air. The ammonia dilution skid also has an ammonia flow control to accurately and timely inject the ammonia into the air. The full cycle of the ammonia delivery system uses an ammonia storage tank that pumps ammonia into an ammonia vaporizer, where the ammonia is injected to an ammonia dilution unit to flow into a catalyst and then the plant. This process is done with great precision modulated by ammonia flow control valves.

In Aether DBS we understand that every client works under different conditions, with different concentration levels and in different situations. Therefore, we offer custom fabrication services that will fit specific needs. We have a facility for custom fabrication where we can adjust, fit and test our products. We place emphasis on safety and regulation, an example is our burner management system, thus we make sure that the custom fabrication products will be tested for safety and quality before dispatching them to our clients. As with the burner management system, we expect every aspect of the solutions we provide to be safe and to be the most adequate for your business. For instance, a common problem with biogas is how hard it is to utilize without turning off the systems, but at Aether DBS we prefer the simpler solution – no manual operation to get the job done correctly! We will create a custom fabrication of our AFT technology to give you the solutions most efficient for you. And alongside the custom fabrication of our technology, we pride ourselves to employ safe burner management system that controls and monitors the burner units.