Aether dbs Merges with Sagebrush Pipeline Equipment

Aether dbs (design build solutions, Tulsa, OK) has merged with Sagebrush Pipeline Equipment (Tulsa, OK). Both Sagebrush and Aether will continue to operate as independent business units. “Both Sagebrush and Aether have excellent reputations and brand recognition in their respective markets, and these brands will continue. This will allow us to also share the resources of each company.” said Karen Walker, Chief Operating Officer, Sagebrush Pipeline Equipment.

Sagebrush President Randy Roberts will stay with the company in an advisory capacity through a period of transition. “These two companies both prioritize Safety, Quality, and Customers. We are excited about our enhanced shop capacity and drafting, design and project management resources. This will be a win/win for Sagebrush, Aether, and for our Customers.”

Aether and Sagebrush will offer a broad range of standard and customer engineered products, in a broader market to a more diverse Customer base, with increased capabilities in engineering and production. Together, the two business units will provide complete systems for gas and liquid measurement, heating, conditioning, and other critical equipment in the Midstream, Pipeline, Industrial, Utility, and Power Generation markets.

“It is a natural fit. Both companies are Tulsa-based, with great people, great customers, and similar cultures and work ethic,” Tom Blair, CEO, Aether dbs “Both companies are ISO Certified, both shops are ASME Code shops, and each company complements the other.”

“By sharing critical resources, experience, and knowledge, we are expanding the design and production capabilities of each brand while continuing to serve our valued Customers” continued John McDonough, President, Aether dbs.

Aether manufactures engineered process systems for energy, power, and utility customers. Aether’s proprietary product lines include natural gas line heaters, fuel gas vaporizers, and ammonia flow control systems.

Sagebrush is the leading name in the pipeline industry since 1961. Sagebrush designs and fabricates gas and liquid measurement systems, automated pigging systems, valve settings, control valve systems, and pressure control systems for transmission pipeline and midstream companies.

Aether and Sagebrush have over 150,000 SF of shop capacity, with over 150 employees, and full design, production and testing capabilities delivering reliable equipment worldwide from 3 locations in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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