Aether DBS Delivers Biogas Blender To The City Of El Paso, TX

The City of El Paso had a dilemma: operators of the Fred Hervey Water Reclamation Plant wanted to make use of the biogas from its upgraded digesters – but the biogas flow was variable, making it difficult to run its new engine-generator at all times.  About 144,000 cubic feet per day of digester gas was expected to be generated on average – enough to make 350 KW to offset a significant portion of its operating power needs.  But the biogas flow could vary widely depending upon the amount of sludge in the system and other factors, requiring the engine-generator to be shut down at times.

The Solution: the Aether DBS AFCTM BioBlendTM system that supplements the biogas flow with just enough Natural Gas mixed with air to keep the engine-generator running at maximum output.  The AFCTM BioBlendTM technology uses pressure, temperature and flow measurement instruments, a precise flow control valve, and a proprietary PLC algorithm to control the blending ratio within a very tight tolerance.  Other blending systems use mechanical pistons or mixing valves, which require more maintenance and have less control.

The AFCTM BioBlendTM technology is also more cost-effective than other systems because it uses readily-available plant compressed air for blending instead of an expensive combustible gas compression system.  The biogas blending system is designed to preferentially use the biogas for engine fuel supply, and to supplement with the NG/Air mixture only when engine demand exceeds the biogas supply.  This was an excellent solution for El Paso, especially since the cost of natural gas has been trending down.  They were able to use all the biogas and keep their engines running at peak efficiency.

Aether DBS custom-designed and manufactured the AFCTM BioBlendTM system, and delivered the unit to El Paso only nine weeks from the order date.  Contact Stu Russell at