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Fuel Gas Conditioning Solutions

For Gas Conditioning applications (including Bio-Gas supplies), Aether DBS can supply the dew point heater and the regulation skid on a common platform to reduce onsite interconnection work. Common Options Include:

  • Custody Transfer Meters
  • Working-Monitor Regulation Configuration for Redundancy
  • Inline Gas Coalescing Filters to Remove Gas Impurities or Liquids

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SNG Energy

Natural gas is one of the most plentiful fuels used today for combustion processes. Natural gas is a clean, low cost fuel, and can be used with a variety of different equipment.

  • As a backup for intermittent or unreliable natural gas service
  • As a substitute for natural gas in areas where natural gas is not available
  • Bridging – natural gas isn’t currently offered, but will come online in the future
  • For peak shaving – to control the cost of natural gas during peak demand times

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Environmental Solutions

At aether dbs, we believe that it is our responsibility to leave a site or situation in a better state than we found it. We are a single-source supplier with accountability throughout investigation, design, construction, and closure.

Aether DBS has extensive experience in:
  • Soil and Groundwater Remediation
  • Marine Dredging and Sediment Removal
  • Solid Waste Engineering Services
  • Project Risk Evaluation and Coverage

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